6 Reasons to Visit Hawaii

6 Reasons to Make your Next Trip to Hawaii

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, was reluctant when he made his first trip to Hawaii. But, when he did return from Hawaii, he was sure to make his next trip. Such is Hawaii. He kept coming back, again and again. The beaches, beautiful whales, and little tidbits of Hawaiian culture – what’s not to love? Here are 6 reasons why you’ll love Hawaii.

1. Say Goodbye to bad weather: Temperature in Hawaii always fluctuates from 80 to 85 Fahrenheit. A time when most of America faces blizzards in winters, this is a heavenly virtue. You’ll never be too cold, and never be too hot! The weather – all the time – is just “perfect.”

2. A romantic destination like no other: Have you ever seen wedding pictures, just to find most of them are at beaches? Because, beaches are where the romance is. Every year, a big chunk of couples travel to Hawaii. Be it for honeymoon, a simple vacation, or a full-blown wedding – come and celebrate in Paradise!

3. Asian Food Delight: You definitely have had American food (if there is such thing). And perhaps, the other half your tongue has been filled by European foods. Chances are, you haven’t dived into the variety of Asian cuisines. If so, Hawaii could be for you. You’ll end up tasting Chinese, Vietnamese Korean, and of course good ol’ Hawaii cuisine in a single trip!

4. Beach dancing parties – anyone?: You’re not likely to be bored if you’re in your late-teens or early adulthood. Hawaiian nightlife is like no other. Tropical Cocktails, Beach parties and a bit of Street entertainment. But that’s not where the list ends. Hawaii is also for the…

5. Adventure junkies!: If you’re not someone, who doesn’t like to “rock” the night, 3 in the morning – you needn’t shun Hawaii! This picture-perfect island is also popular for scuba diving and surfing. In fact, as lonely planet says, “Adventure types would be hard pushed to find a better outdoor playground than Hawaii.”
You could ride on ride on a horseback, trail the land on cycle or go on whale watching excursions – there’s no end. Oh, and don’t forget to visit the popular Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park!

6. A family friendly place: Hawaii is full of family friendly resorts, and beaches for your little one. You might find yourself in a spa, or a great family restaurant. There are so many family resorts in Hawaii, that you’re almost spoilt for choice. And there are also plenty volcanoes you can hike to!

In short, that’s about Hawaii. A few reasons, why it’s a popular destination all over America and Japan. So when you make your next trip, just have a look at Hawaii. Once you come here, you keep coming back – “again and again.”

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