Aloha Friday Photo: Ka La Hiki Ola Waikiki

Mahalo to Uteh Martin for sharing this early morning Waikiki shot from September 1, 2023 with us for Aloha Friday Photos.

From looking at this pre-dawn scene, it reminds us that each new day is a blessing. It’s exciting to think of possibilities of exploring and discovering something new each day. In fact this photo inspired me to research to see if there was a relevant Hawaiian proverb. Indeed, there is! It’s Ka Lā Hiki Ola and here’s a lovely description of this phrase. (Source)

“Ka Lā Hiki Ola can be closely translated to “the dawning of a new day.” This interpretation offers up the idea of embracing new beginnings and making the most of our opportunities. However, it is a phrase flush with profound kaona (hidden meaning) that extends far beyond the literal translation. Further significance can be interpreted as ‘this day wherein new life is possible, and much can be realized’ and, ‘this certainty of abundant new opportunity, and its optimistic attitude of immediately accessible likelihood.’”

Happy Aloha Friday!

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