Aloha Friday Photo: Pahumoa (Pounders) Beach, Oahu

Mahalo to Shanna Carpentier for sharing this neat shot from Pahumoa Beach on Oahu for Aloha Friday Photos.

Shanna’s photo gives us a lot to appreciate about this particular scene. The rugged mountains make a beautiful back drop. Closer in, we see so many pretty shades of green atop the lava-lined shore. Even closer, we marvel at the powerful waves crashing onto the sandy beach and against the lava rock.

Take a look at the jutting cliff on the far left of Shanna’s photo. It tells a story of the force of the ocean pounding against and eroding the hardened lava rocks. You can see how this beach gets the nickname of Pounders. It reminds us that the ocean must be respected, particularly in Hawaii.

Before your visit to the Hawaiian Islands, make sure you familiarize yourself with proper ocean safety. And, remember a frequently repeated rhyming phrase about ocean conditions in Hawaii, “When in doubt, don’t go out.”

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