Aloha Friday Photo: Whale watching experience on Oahu

Mahalo to longtime readers Laura and Marco from Italy for sharing this Aloha Friday Photo. They live in Milan, where the Coronavirus has been especially hard-hitting, but thankfully they are both well, trying to stay positive and looking forward to better days.

Laura and Marco shared this context about their photo of a humpback whale’s tail.

During our last visit to Oahu, we had a whale watching cruise aboard Star of Honolulu. We so LOVED the ample outdoor space: on the four open decks there was plenty of room for everyone to sunbath, to admire the coastline and to spot LOTS AND LOTS OF WHALES!! At some point we could see 7 whales AND a Mum with her calf! It looked like the troop was happily “putting the show up” for us, playing quite close to our vessel. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing!

Worth to note that the staff also invited everyone to join in for interesting Hawaiian activities, lei making, hula dance, ukulele … during  the sailing back to Waikiki).

An AMAZING experience!!

The humpback whales who visited Hawaii this winter are or will soon be headed back to their summer homes, which is most likely Alaska. There, they’ll be fueling up to make their next trip back to Hawaii in the winter. Hopefully, before then, the Coronavirus will be over and we can freely travel to Hawaii once again.

Happy Aloha Friday!

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