Aloha Friday Photos: Honu (turtles) welcome at Ho’okipa Beach

Earlier this week, we featured Ho’okipa Beach Park on Maui. In the article, we mentioned that a corner of this beach is a popular resting spot for honu (sea turtles.) After we posted the article onto our Facebook page, several nice folks shared their shots of that particular corner.

First, Marianne Kowalski shared the following  photo with us that she took at Ho’okipa just this past Saturday.

Wow, look at all those turtles resting on the beach! From a quick count, it appears to be around 50 turtles.

Then, Karen Williams shared the following neat shot of the same corner. There aren’t as many turtles, but you can see them more distinctly.

Next, Kelly Hardy shared this nice photo and telling us that Ho’okipa is her favorite beach on Maui. In Kelly’s shot you can see a juvenile honu at the bottom of the shot. What a cute little guy!

By the way, the name of this beach, Ho’okipa, is a Hawaiian word that means welcome and hospitality. It sure looks like these turtles know this beach is welcome to them!

As a reminder, always keep a distance of at least ten feet or three meters from turtles. These turtles come to shore to rest.

Mahalo to Marianne, Karen and Kelly for sharing these awesome Ho’okipa honu  shots with us for Aloha Friday Photos!

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