Aloha Friday Photos: Manana (Rabbit Island)

Mahalo to Staci Saxton from Maryland for sharing this neat Aloha Friday Photo.

Staci’s shot shows Manana Island, which is a small islet on the east side of Oahu. You can view this small island from Kalanianaole Highway (HWY 72.) You can also see Manana from the lookout at Makap’u Point, which is a sightseeing stop that we highly recommend.

Manana also has the nickname “Rabbit Island.” There are two reasons for this moniker, first if you look at Staci’s photo, the island somewhat resembles the side profile of a rabbit’s head. The other reason is that this islet was once inhabited by introduced rabbits back in the late 1800s. Today, Manana is a bird sanctuary. (See this link for additional information about Manana.)

Happy Aloha Friday!

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