Everything you need to know for an amazing Hawaii summer vacation 2024

To help you prepare for a 2024 Hawaii summer vacation, we’re highlighting all the most important information for your planning. With each section, we link to articles with all the in-depth details you’ll need. With a little bit of time and research from home, you’ll be all set for the best summer vacay – ever!

Don’t miss out! Make reservations!

The months of June, July and August are some of the busiest times of the year in the Hawaiian Islands. Historically, visitor arrivals are well above average for these summer months. That means there will be more visitors who will likely want to go to all the top attractions and restaurants that you want. In many cases there are limits on the capacity and the number of visitors. With more people vying for some limited resources, you’ll definitely want to be prepared by reviewing the following detailed lists of where you should consider booking reservations ahead of your vacation.

Planning your Hawaii vacation sightseeing and activities

Going hand in hand with reservations, make sure that you don’t miss out on the top attractions and activities. A great place to start your planning is with our one-week island itineraries. These tried-and-true itineraries cover the very best places to see and things to do in Hawaii.

Hawaii’s summer weather

Hawaii’s weather can be described as summery all year, so of course you can expect lots of warm weather for your summer vacation in Hawaii. Daytime high temperatures typically reach the upper eighties Fahrenheit, which is roughly thirty-one degrees Celsius.

Nighttime lows typically dip to the lower seventies Fahrenheit, which is roughly twenty-two degrees in Celsius.

Historically, June, July and August are the months with the least amount of rain in Hawaii. So, there’s less of a chance of rain for interrupting your summer vacation.

Learn more about Hawaii weather patterns and what to expect.

What to pack

With warm, summery weather, you’ll want to make sure you pack sunscreen, swimsuits, hats, shorts, t-shirts and your favorite summer wear. For hikes and adventures, you might want to pack moisture-wicking clothing and make sure you have sneakers, hiking-style sandals or hiking shoes with good tread. Check out our detailed advice on what to pack for a Hawaii vacation.

Summer festivals

There are some excellent cultural festivals going out throughout the Hawaiian Islands this summer. Hawaii’s festivals offer a great way to learn about the local cultures. We’ve listed the top Hawaii cultural festivals going on through August 2024.

Hurray for longer days!

As June 20th marks the summer solstice, the amount of daylight will be at its longest in the summer with over 13 hours between sunrise and sunset. (As we get into August, daylight time begins to dip to just under 13 hours.)

With maximum daylight hours during the summer months, you’ll have “extra time” for sightseeing. As an example of daylight hours in Hawaii, see this link to Honolulu’s sunrise and sunset times.

So we’ve covered all the basics and more. What other questions do you have about planning a Hawaii vacation this summer?

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