First Hawaii humpback whale sighting for 2019/2020 season!

The first humpback whale of the new season was seen on October 1, 2019 off the coast of Kauai. This news is no fluke. (Pun intended.)

Per the Star Advertiser, captains aboard the Holo Holo Charter’s Adventurer II observed this early arriver about a mile off Ke’e Beach on the north shore of Kauai. This whale must have been excited to be back in Hawaii because he or she breached three or four times.

More whales will begin to trickle in to kick off their annual Hawaii “vacation.” Well, actually, they come to Hawaii to breed and and give birth, but we like to think they’re on vacation, too.

Though the thick of humpback whale season doesn’t begin until late December to early January, you might see one if you’re visiting between now and then. The peak season is from January through March, but you might see them in April or possibly as late as early May. Learn more about Hawaii’s humpback whale season and the best places to see them.

The winner of our 10th annual predict the 1st humpback whale-sighting contest is Cora, who guessed October 1. Congratulations Cora!

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