Hawaii luaus adapt to COVID restrictions

As we were recently updating our luau pages, we noticed quite a few new trends as luau companies adjust to COVID restrictions and guidelines. Here are some of the trends we’re seeing. Please note that these trends have not been applied across the board.

Social distancing

More luaus are moving away from ginormous, shared tables. Instead of having to sit elbow-to-elbow with a stranger, many luaus are offering private tables just for your ohana (family) or even just tables for two. We found this trend happening more so on Maui than anywhere else in Hawaii, but did notice this trend on the other islands, too.

Moving away from self-serve buffets

Instead of many people sharing serving utensils in crowded and sometimes chaotic buffet lines, more luaus are offering plated food. Servers deliver the plated food directly to your seat in three different courses. We saw this trend occurring mostly on Maui.

Pricing has increased

With the above enhancements – like private tables and plated-food service – pricing has increased. Some of the increases are quite substantial. For example, in one case, we noted a hefty price increased from $118 to $225 per person.

Some luaus didn’t survive the shutdowns and others in limbo

We noticed a few luaus have closed, unfortunately. Most of these shuttered luaus were lesser established ones.

Some luaus have not yet reopened. Staffing could be an issue. Additionally, luau companies may be waiting until tourist numbers are more steady.

Proof of vaccine or negative COVID test required at Oahu luaus

If you want to go to a luau on Oahu, you must provide proof of full COVID vaccination or present proof of a negative COVID test taken within 48 hours. This requirement is part of the island’s Safe Access Oahu restrictions. It’s the same requirement for dining at any restaurant indoors or out on Oahu.

If you are looking for luau options for your Hawaii vacation, we’ve updated all of our luau pages with current information. See these links organized by island:

What do you think about these new Hawaii luau trends that have emerged as a result of  COVID restrictions?

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