Interisland quarantine to be lifted, while trans-Pacific travel quarantine remains in effect

We continue to keep on the look out for signs of Hawaii reopening tourism. While we don’t have any specific dates yet, there’s some progress in that the interisland quarantine will be lifted and the governor says he’ll announce more about reopening tourism next week.

Interisland quarantine to be lifted June 16, 2020

This week, Gov. Ige announced that the mandatory 14-day quarantine for interisland travelers will be lifted Tuesday, June 16, 2020. New passenger screening procedures will be implemented in Hawaii airports to include thermal screening and a new travel form. Here are some of the important points of the new procedures:

  • Temperature screening – if a passenger has an elevated temperature of 100.4°F (38°C) or greater, they will not be allowed to fly
  • New forms to collect health-related information and other information for tracking purposes.
  • Anyone reporting symptoms to undergo additional screening and/or testing.

Passengers will not be able to fly if they:

  • Refuse to complete the mandatory forms. Forms are mandatory for all flight segments, even on the same day.
  • Are on the traveler 14-day quarantine list.
  • Have a temperature of 100.4°F (38°C) or more.

Along with these checks, the Lt. Gov. Green wants to randomly test one in 20 passengers for COVID-19.

This new screening process could possibly be a precursor for what trans-Pacific travelers might expect.

When will Hawaii’s trans-Pacific quarantine be lifted? Governor to announce plan next week.

The current 14-day quarantine order for out of state visitors and returning residents extends through June 30, 2020, but the governor has already indicated that date will be extended. During Monday’s press conference, the governor said that next week, he will announce plans for opening out-of-state and trans-Pacific travel. 

Hawaii News Now published a one-on-one interview with the governor yesterday. That interview is definitely worth watching to get a feel for the direction the state may be heading, which appears to be that visitors from Japan and Korea will be welcomed back before those from the mainland.

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