Kauai creates marketing-style video touting their “resort bubble” system

A visitor receives their tracking device at a Kauai resort bubble.

Kauai has the most stringent restrictions for incoming travelers who want to safely visit without a quarantine. As you may already know, in addition to the statewide requirement for travelers to obtain a negative, pre-travel COVID-19 test result, visitors to Kauai must take extra steps to limit quarantine time.

As a reminder, here are the procedures for visiting Kauai without a quarantine or with a reduced-quarantine period per their website:

Kauai’s COVID-19 Travel Rules: Resort Bubbles, Interisland Travel, or 10-Day Quarantine

Visitors and residents traveling to Kauai have several options under the current COVID-19 emergency rules.

If you have been in the State of Hawaii for more than 72 hours, you are eligible to take an approved pre-travel test for interisland travel to Kauai.

If you are traveling from out of state, you can take a pre-travel test, stay in a “Resort Bubble” for 72 hours or more, then take a post-travel test to be released from quarantine.

Otherwise, you must quarantine for 10 days after arriving on Kauai.

These emergency rules went into effect on January 5, 2021 after Governor David Ige approved Mayor Derek Kawakami’s Amended Emergency Rule 23 on interisland travel, and Emergency Rule 24 on Enhanced Movement Quarantine (EMQ) “resort bubble” properties.

Yesterday, on Facebook, Kauai published a marketing-style video touting their “resort bubble”system with tracking devices. If you are considering this option to visit Kauai, you may find their video to be interesting and helpful.

After you’ve watched the video, let us know what you think about this system in the comments section. Are you more likely to visit Kauai after seeing the video?

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