Tragic fires in Maui – Much of Lahaina Town feared to be destroyed

Front Street in Lahaina ablaze. Screen capture from video by Alan Dickar.

We are so very sad to be sharing this tragic news from Maui. Wildfires and high winds have mixed to create a nightmare situation in several areas across the island of Maui.

Fire and smoke rapidly spread in beloved and historic Lahaina Town. There were reports that people had to jump in the ocean to escape the fire. Much of the town is feared to be destroyed. See the video from this link showing Lahaina on fire.

Per Hawaiian Airlines, an emergency order had been enacted for Maui strongly discouraging all non-essential travel. If you are due to fly to Maui with in the next week, our advice would be to look into options to change your travel plans or get a refund. From KHON2, here is an interview with the Lt. Gov Luke regarding getting visitors off the island and discouraging non-essential travel into Maui.

Here are some news segments with more information about this evolving situation:

From KHON2, a Lahaina resident’s eyewitness.

From Hawaii News Now, Lahaina residents describe the “apocalyptic” scene.

The County of Maui has been posting information about closures, shelters, etc. on their Facebook page.

At the time of publishing, it is 7:33 a.m. in Hawaii. No doubt there will be more information emerging from this tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with Maui.

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